UHVE “International peer-reviewed Journal of Communication and Humanities Research” was started to be published in 2013. The journal publishes scholarly papers to contribute to communication and literature. It is a refereed international journal which publishes four times a year. The volumes of our journal are published over the system in January, April, July and October. The journal is published in hard copy and online. The journal covers all sorts of papers in the field of communication and literature. The journal is an international journal which is indexed by many indexes. The referee, and science and advisory board of the journal are composed of qualified and prolific researchers and academicians, experts in the field of literature. The editor-in-chief of the journal is ...................  the journal acts in accordance with the decisions of the executive board. The chairman of the executive board is the current editor-in-chief, and the decisions taken by 51% of the executive board are implemented. Each paper should be evaluated by the two field referees and receive a favorable report to be published. In each issue, only one manuscript of the same author is included. The papers approved by the two referees and the editorial board are saved to be published in the following issues. None of the authors can exercise power over the referees or the editorial board. In the journal, a copyright agreement for the uploaded articles is not requested. The journal holds the copyright of the uploaded articles. The author(s) accept(s) this and confirm that they will act in accordance with it. It is prerequisite for the academicians and researchers to have received a PhD degree and published several studies and articles in their fields so as to be a member of the referee and the science board. The academicians or researchers without a PhD degree and any publications in the field cannot be a member of the referee or science and advisory board. The executive board is the competent authority. The decisions of the executive board are final and cannot be changed. Without the approval of the executive board, none of the decisions can be implemented. The editor-in-chief gives the final decision whether to accept or reject the articles not sent for referee evaluation or to send the articles for evaluation. The editor-in-chief does not have to inform the executive board of this process. The executive board is the sole authority to accept the researchers to be involved in the referee, science and advisory board.

The journal also publishes special editions, including the presented papers, approved by the referees, in the national and international conferences, these issues include only the oral papers presented in the conferences that the journal has an agreement. These papers should be evaluated and approved by the conference science board and the referees. Printed texts of the presented papers and the referee approval reports should be submitted to the editor-in-chief and the administrative board. The journal will not publish the papers without these documents. The authors are informed of each process in the journal through the system. Every author can follow this process on website of the journal by being a member to the system. In the journal, international APA system is used. Papers which are not prepared in line with this system will not be accepted. In the journal, no one is privileged. The terms and conditions are the same for everybody; it is out of question to change them. Nobody can demand any privilege. The journal publishes studies and researches in communication and literature, and the journal will not publish the studies out of those fields. The editor-in-chief is the one who manages the referee evaluation process. The editor-in-chief has the right to decide and inform in the evaluation process. The inappropriate and disapproved papers by the editor-in-chief will not be published in the journal. In this case, the author/authors cannot impose any sanctions on the journal or any organs.

The journal complies with the requirements of Law no. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. The journal reserves its rights unilaterally against the authors who do not comply with the requirements of Law no. 5846. In case of any problems related to incorrect citation and plagiarism, the author/authors are responsible unilaterally. The journal cannot be held responsible for this, and no one can impose sanctions on the journal. The journal is published in hard copy and online version. The main objective of the journal is to provide an intellectual platform for the authors, referees, and the members of science and advisory board who are all welcome to contribute to the development of science within the rules of ethics. The journal does not demand any charge from the authors and is not supposed to send a printed issue to the author(s). Approved papers are uploaded to the system after layout in line with the publication principles. Author(s) and readers can download any volume over the system. Layout is performed by the author according to the sample article.